The CrossFit Games

This year, 2009, marks the 3rd year that the CrossFit Games have been held. The Games are held in Aromas the first weekend of July.  It is a brutal test of one’s fitness.  Multiple WODs over the course of 2 days in what has been, the past 2 years, scorching heat.  The winners can legitimately be called the fittest man and woman in the world.

Due to the number of entrants last year, regional qualifiers will be held around the world (mainly the States) to determine who will compete this year.  The NorCal qualifier is the 1st weekend of May at the Games venue in Aromas.  Only 5 men and 5 women from Northern California will go to the Games.  

The amount of men and women from each region going to the Games is determined by the amount of CrossFit affiliates in the region.  SoCal, for example, will send 6 men and 6 women due to the greater number of affiliates down there. (I guess that is 1 reason to live in Southern California, but I can’t really think of any others.)

I hope that we will have a large CF West contingent on hand at the qualifiers to cheer the athletes on.  So, mark your calendars folks.  The first weekend in May.  Let the Games begin.

Workout: (courtesy of Derek)

5 Rounds

5 Back Squat 225/155#

5 Weighted Ring Dips 35/15#

30 Double Unders

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