The Deadlift


The ladies deadlifting.

Coach Glassman has stated that the deadlift (along with the squat and push press) is the starting point for nearly everyone (CFJ Feb. 2003). The deadlift is perhaps the most functional movement in the CrossFit arsenal and certainly one of the most rewarding. As a functional movement, the deadlift is unparalleled. It is a universal motor recruitment pattern unknowingly performed repeatedly throughout one’s day. As a strength building movement, the deadlift knows few equals. There is barely a muscle or joint not affected by the deadlift and the forced contraction of the body’s muscles, movers and stabilizers, is enormous. Thus, the loads allowed with the deadlift are, for most people,the greatest of any movement. And greater loads mean greater strength.

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3 Rounds

500m Row

12 Wallball 20/14#

12 Pushups

12 Box Jumps

12 Kettlebell Swing 53/35#

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