The End is Near

It's good to have you back Smashers!

It's good to have you back Smashers!

By Jocelyn

End of the year that is.  How are your goals coming?  Everyone did such a great job maxing out on pull ups the past two days.  We had some pretty amazing numbers- Emmett with 48, Jason Nee 42, Leslie 32 on her first try for max pull ups ever!  And many, many more.   We have the “End of the year Goals” section growing on the white board so be sure to jot a few down the next time you come to class.  Many of you have some fun one’s and we hope you make it.  NOt to mention, the end of the Double Under Challenge approaches.  We’ve got 1 month until 2009 is over and we want you to have accomplished everything you wanted and ready make some bran new goals!




12 Rounds

5 KB Swings (2 Pood/1.5 Pood)

7 High Box Jumps (24)

100m Sprint