The Constant


100_1971There is one great constant in the constantly varied world of CrossFit.  


That’s right, gravity.  Gravity humbles us all.  But it also elevates us.  It makes us all champions and Olympic competitors.  There is a famous line by Henry Rollins (yes, the Henry Rollins), “200 pounds is always 200 pounds”.  Rollins didn’t mean it this way, but the 200 pounds you and I lift is exactly the same as the 200 pounds Dimas or Scerbatihs or Khrapati lifts.  There is absolutely no difference.  Gravity makes it so.  

So what, you say?  I say that it makes the playing field level, completely even.  It makes us all Olympic competitors.  When I do a lift–a clean, a snatch, a jerk, a deadlift–it is the same lift as the huge ones reported in Milo. The only thing keeping me from the Milo weights is me.  And while that might be humbling, and it is, it also gives hope because I know that nothing can hold me back from the big weights but me.  Gravity makes the weight the same.  Anywhere, everywhere.  

Yes, it also makes it damn heavy.  But it is exactly the same heavy for everyone.  So yes, we are all champions of the Olympiad, every time we fold our hands around the bar.  We contend, we strive, we compete with gravity’s great pull.

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5 Rounds

15 Double Unders

5 Push Press/Jerk 185/120#

10 Plate Situps 45/35#

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