The Female “Athlete”

Amanda Beard

Danica Patrick

Brandi Chastain

Anna Kournikova

For LoLo

I feel like I’ve heard it a thousand times.  From my own mother, my grandmothers, the mothers of girls who I give pitching lessons to, CrossFit clients, the list goes on.  It goes a little something like this, “Gosh it’s so great that you girls have something to go for in athletics these days.  When I was a young girl, we weren’t even allowed to play sports!”

Yes, it’s true.  We have made some progress.  The feminist movement helped empower us.  Title IX allowed us to earn scholarships to universities.  And culture in general has finally embraced our desire and ability to compete at the highest level.

But has it really?

Are we really that impressed by the abilities of our top female athletes?  Or is it just super cool that someone as hot as Danica Patrick could beat some guys (like for the first time in history!) in race car driving?  Amanda Beard is a 7 time Olympic medalist but have you ever seen her swim?  Or is it more exciting that she posed nude for Playboy in July 2007?

“Brandy Chas- tain?  Who?  Chastain?  OH!  The girl who tore her shirt off at the Soccer World Cup!  Ya I remember that! She’s hot”

And No one seems to even care that Ana KoUrnikova isn’t even that good of a tennis player.  But damn she looked hot on the cover of Sports Illustrated IN HER BIKINI!

Let’s be real.  Pop culture and the mass media only shed light on one specific type of female athlete.  She must be young, attractive, and ooze sex appeal.  Her actual athletic abilities and achievements are second priority at best.   Female athletes in the media are blatantly viewed as sexy women first and athletes second.

Not only is it a shame that the priority given to beauty and sex appeal by pop culture and mass media diminishes the achievements of these women in the sports arena, but there are countless other talented and successful athletes that receive no praise at all simply because they are less feminine, fully clothed, or lack popular and modern sex appeal.

Oh but good thing us CrossFitters are above all that stone age malarkey right?  Click HERE, download the free PDF article, and then PLEASE post thoughts to comments.



Heavy Single


30yrd Prowler sprints x8 (alternate between high grip and low grip)

1 min rest between each