The Finisher


Heidi, many reps into 5 minutes.

At CrossFit West Santa Cruz we love a good finisher. A finisher is a final set or exercise that you do after the WOD is over. I never tell my athletes ahead of time that there will be a finisher at the end. Some rally and charge it, others give up before I even say go. A good finisher is a real test of fortitude and will. It really toughens one, and talk about functional, you never know in life when you will be called upon to reach even deeper.

Some of my favorite finishers are a repeat of the WOD with a lighter load, like Grace with 95#. Or one more round of the WOD with the reps cut in half, like 200m run, 10 swings, and 6 pullups on Helen. Another is max reps in 5 minutes of back squats. Or so many meters of heavy D-ball clean and throw.  Or sprints.

Try throwing a finisher into your workouts now and again, but never plan on it before the WOD or you will subconsciously hold a little back in preparation for it. And don’t just do a finisher if you have some energy left over. Really vary it. Flip a coin or something else random to decide. The results, especially mentally, are worth the suck.

What are your favorite finishers? Post to Comments.


21, 15, 9

Over Head Squat 95/65



5x100m sprint. Rest about 2 minutes between each sprint and really go for it.