The Floggings Will (No Longer) Continue!


Top Left: The new RPM SpeedRope!
Top Right & Bottom: CrossFit West athletes work hard during our latest Gymnastics Strength/Skill progression. Our OTM Dip progression has been going very well so far as many athletes have already noticed improvement in their Dips.

We’ve written numerous posts in the past about Jump-Ropes here on the CrossFit West Blog.  In my last such related post on Replacement Cables, I mentioned how the RMP SpeedRope, one of the coolest new Jump-Ropes to hit the market, had a rather stiff cable that tangled easily. While at the NorCal Regionals this year, I stopped by their booth to test one out.  My first set I did 50 Double-Unders unbroken and my second I did 38.  Seven minutes later they were laser engraving one for me and I had a new weapon in my longstanding battle with Double-Unders.  First day back in the gym, I hit an all-time PR of 83 Double-Unders unbroken and am now able to consistently hit large sets unbroken in WOD’s.  Gone are the days of Chris referring to me as “Passion Of The Christ” as I no longer leave the gym every day with brutal whip marks across my entire back.  (Granted, I may still come IN to the gym that way, but that has nothing to do with Double-Unders.)  I’m sure my skill level has definitely been improving with consistent practice, but I’m pretty sure the new RPM SpeedRope is contributing to my Double-Under success as well.

I opted for a non-coated cable and so far there is no fraying what-so-ever.  As for the “tangle issue” I mentioned, turns out it isn’t really an issue at all once you understand the properties of the cable.  The textured all-aluminum handles are a perfect size and weight and feel great in the hand.  They provide the user a great deal of feedback as to where the cable is in space.  While still being very smooth and stable, the bearings don’t spin quite as fast as on the Rogue SR-1, but this is actually a good thing as the bearing speed combined with the size & weight of the handle allows you to get a lot more torque on the handle, providing a much better response in rotating and controlling the cable.

I am now a total convert and I no longer want or need any of the other Jump-Ropes I’ve acquired over the years.  I’m not the only one in the gym who’s converted, either.  Cliff acquired one as well and, after one day of utter frustration as he was adapting to the new rope, hurling it across the room after a WOD, he now loves it and swears by it.  I’m pretty sure Sam has one too.

The RPM SpeedCable runs about $40.  If that’s a bit too pricey, I still highly recommend the Rogue SR-1 or Rogue SR-1S.  Both are great Jump-Ropes for the price and can be found HERE.