The Games Spirit

Lee and Lori, owners of CF Sunshine Coast. Thanks for working out with us.

When I write a WOD on the board, sometimes I notice people visibly deflate when they read it.  Yeah, it is going to be hard, but you knew it would be before you even arrived at the box.  Often, these people will get through the first third of the WOD, realize that they can do it, and start to bang it out as their confidence returns.

At the 2010 CF Games held this last weekend, one thing that was completely brand new was that the competitors had absolutely no idea what the last WOD was going to be until 30 seconds before the start (actually, it was 3 WODs in 1).  The competitors had to have absolute confidence that they would be ready for anything.  Of course, each competitor was secretly hoping for this or that movement would be included and fervently praying that this or that movement would not be featured, but they knew that they would have to give it their all.

When a WOD is presented to you, you have to have total confidence that you will charge it.  You have to have faith, deep down, that you will go at this WOD as hard as you possibly can.  You might not kill it, you might not get a good score, you might flounder and barely push your way through (actually this happened to me yesterday).  But, and this is a big ‘but’, you can never deflate and start the WOD already cowed and intimidated.

WODs are like animals, they can sense fear.  Never let a WOD see that you are afraid of it. Yeah, you might not kill it, I know that any WOD with handstand pushups is not going to be my best–a near 7-foot wingspan is great for water polo and kickboxing, but it is the kiss of death for pressing, but you should never start that WOD scared.

Right before the WOD is presented, try to summon up some of that Games spirit that the competitors displayed last weekend.  Do not let your spirit flag, no matter what the WOD may be.  It’s ok to know that it may take you longer than other people.  It’s ok to realize that this WOD might be filled with your weaknesses–tomorrow’s WOD may be filled with your strengths, but be sure to attack both of them with equal heart and intensity.

One of the true signs of a champion, and more importantly, of real character, is indomitability in the face of adversity.

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Reminder: the 4pm class is the last class of the day this Friday. The 5pm class has been canceled due to the seminar.


Back Squat

Find new 5RM


10, 9, 8, 7…2, 1

Snatch 115/75#

2oom Run after each snatch set