The Girls Are Back In Town

Matt and PJ after Helen (7:36 and 7:25 respectively).

I have always had a love hate relationship with the Girls of CrossFit, but I have never wavered in my respect for them. The Girls are flat out just brutal workouts. Just about all of the Girls were created in the early days of CrossFit when Greg Glassman was still coaching regularly in Santa Cruz, and thus they are great insights into Coach Glassman’s programming and the development of CrossFit. For a while it was common to see a Girl at every trainer certification and some of the best performances were videoed, but it seems to me that the popularity of the girls seemed to drop off the past few years. As benchmark workouts, they are not meant to be done on a regular basis, but there has been a sad proliferation on new Hero WODs and while it’s not necessarily a bad thing (honestly Fran-mania can be a little annoying), I just haven’t seen the old attention paid to the Girls. You can imagine my excitement when the final workout of the Games consisted of three Girls–Elizabeth, Isabel, and Fran (the teams had to do six). It was stunning–2:30 Elizabeths and 1:30 Isabels, in a row, with about 8-10 minutes rest, and all after three days of competition. Yeah, it rocked.


Front Squat 1RM

Set new PR

AMRAP in 5 Minutes

7 Clean & Jerk (135/83)

30 Double Unders

Rest 2 minutes and repeatfor a total of 2 rounds