The Grace-Off

The PR board for the past week.  Great work everyone!

The PR board for the past week. Great work everyone!

CrossFit West Santa Cruz owners Jocelyn Forest and Cliff Hodges have been engaged in an ongoing battle for fitness supremacy.  With each other. Here is a little background.

Cliff, a surfing and wilderness survival instructor, started CrossFit last September with no prior strength and conditioning experience.  He weighs in at about 155# and has been improving steadily, getting stronger and faster on what seems like a daily basis.  A leaner guy, he holds the CF West Helen and Cindy records at 7:20 and 26 respectively.  Cliff eats strictly Paleo/Zone, much to the occasional disgust of his sweet and beautiful girlfriend, Lisette, who is herself quite skilled at trash talking to Cliff.

Jocelyn is….well, Jocelyn Forest.  CF Games Norcal Qualifier champion, former professional athlete all-star, former collegiate MVP, former collegiate strength coach.  Jocelyn holds the CF West female records for nearly everything and has a Grace clocked and videoed at 1:27, quite possibly the fastest ever.  I happened to be at a taqueria the other day and was surprised to hear an ESPN sports analyst on the big overhead television explaining that no one has really dominated softball since the days of Jocelyn Forest. Like Cliff, she is completely Paleo/Zone.

Cliff and Jocelyn are neck and neck on most lifts, and when Jocelyn did man-Grace (135#) 10 seconds faster than Cliff, the trash talking really started. For two months, the tension and laughter grew as the trash talking flew fast and furious between these two.  Finally the stage was set for an epic showdown.  A monumental Grace-off.


Cliff & Jocelyn – Grace Off from Crossfit West Santa Cruz on Vimeo.



7 sets of 3 where the last 3 sets are 3RM weight.


3 Rounds

10 Thrusters 135/85#

10 Burpees 

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.