The Group Dynamic


Shared misery makes for a whole lotta fun. The noon crew post WOD.

Shared misery makes for a whole lotta fun. The noon crew post WOD.

Camaraderie and community.  This is what CrossFit parses down to.  

I was never a big ironhead before I started CrossFit.  Sure, I worked out and lifted weights.  I went to the gym regularly, and, since I had been a fighter, I worked out a bit differently than most people. Probably a little more intensely.  I even had a couple of training partners, Amundson and Big Matt.  And they were, still are actually, a couple of amazing and inspiring guys (in and out of the gym).

But I never had a community.  I never had a cheering section.  I never had a great group of people gathered around me, urging me to make the lift, forcing me to suck it up and hit one more pullup, telling me to control my breathing and go faster.  I never had a couple of coaches watching my every rep, keeping me honest, studying each movement with a trained and experienced eye, helping me with my faults and weaknesses (lots o’those).

I certainly never had a huge online resource where I could go and check up on everything from killer workouts to injuries to form and mechanics to equipment and more.  There wasn’t a far ranging bunch of gyms that I could visit and train–slapping hands and grinning after each workout with hitherto total strangers in the exact same way I do at home.  I wasn’t fluent in a unique and special language, filled with names and numbers, times and movements, spoken across the nation.

Camaraderie and community.  It is the name of the CrossFit game, folks. Enjoy it.

Please join me in wishing Happy Birthday to Samantha.

And I hope everyone will come to CrossFit West’s 1 year anniversary party on February 6th.

Workout: 4PM

Party: 6PM @ The Parish Pub

Workout: (inspired by Hollis of CFSC)

400m Run

20 Front Squats/20 Box Jumps

200m Run


100 Sprint


Gents: power through with 135#. Ladies: 85#.

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.