The Jerk

 Jocelyn, push jerk.


The dip, back arched, upper body vertical.


Starting the drive.


The drop under the weight, arms locked on landing.


And standing to full extension to finish the lift.

The Jerk is the most powerful movement with which to get a load overhead. Dip, drive, drop. Bend the knees slightly, keep the elbows high and don’t incline upper body forward. Then drive the load overhead by jumping the body up. When the load has reached its point of maximum ascension, drop the body under the load by pushing downwards against the weight. Land the feet and lock the arms at the same time. Control and then stand with the weight.

Sounds simple, huh?


3 Rounds

2 Clean and Jerks BW

10 Pullups

10 Clean and Jerks 1/2 BW

10 Pullups

5 Bench Press BW

10 Pullups

10 Bench Press 1/2 BW

Post time and load (your bodyweight) to Comments.