The King of the Lifts


The 9am crew.

The 9am crew.

The clean and jerk is often called the king of the lifts.  It is possibly the centerpiece of the Crossfit movement arsenal.  It may not have the sheer beauty of the snatch or the grinding strength of the deadlift, but it is the perfect marriage of weight and speed.  And weight and speed equals power.  Nothing develops power like the clean and jerk.


At CF West we love the clean and jerk.  The C&J is the complete movement. Try to name a muscle or joint that is not worked and developed by this movement?  I can’t.  The C&J also dovetails perfectly with the CF West programming philosophy of the short hard heavy metcon. We have found that nothing translates into results across the board like the short hard heavy metcon.

I like to pair the clean and jerk with other heavy anaerobic movements like sprints and muscle ups. Try 10 rounds of 100m row sprints with 2 or 3 bodyweight clean and jerks on a 45 second or 1 minute interval.  Or 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of 1.25 bodyweight C&J and muscle ups.  You can also work the clean and jerk solo into its own heavy metcon.  Try Grace with 155# or heavier.  Try 1 C&J on the minute for 20 minutes with near 1RM weight. Tabata clean and jerk is another favorite.  Again, don’t be scared to go heavy and fast.  It’s what the clean and jerk is all about.

What are your thoughts on the Clean and Jerk?  Please post to Comments.

Workout (courtesy of Derek, so don’t blame me):

Max reps in 3 minutes
BW Clean and Jerk.
followed by 1 min max reps clapping push ups.

Rest 1 minute

Max reps in 2 minutes
3/4 BW Clean and Jerk
followed by 2 minutes max reps pull ups

Rest 1 minute

Max reps in 1 minute
1/2 BW Clean and Jerk
followed by 3 minutes max reps box jumps.

Your score is your combined total reps.

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.