The Little Things

Jocelyn takes 275# up and down for a big PR. That's almost double bodyweight. Check how erect her torso is.

When I trained at the old HQ before it closed down, I used to drive over with my either of my buddies Matt S or Greg A.  Both of them had new cars that were a lot nicer than my old Santa Cruz classics (read 1965 or 66 with rust and torn seat or headliner).  What I liked about their cars was that they had seat warmers.  Now, I used to train at the old HQ in the afternoon and the evening, but no matter the time of day, I would crank up those seat warmers to 11 (anyone?).

Thanks to the seat warmers, I would arrive at the box with my hips and lower back warm and loose.  Man, those seat warmers were a little slice of heaven to me.  Whenever I had to drive over on my own, I would feel like an old man in comparison as I warmed up.  Well, the old HQ is no more, Greg runs CrossFit Amundson in Imperial (among other things), and Matt has moved back to New Zealand, and I still to this day miss those seat warmers.

These days the biggest little thing that I have is that I have foam roll with the black roller before I even start my warm up.  If I don’t get just a couple minutes on the black roller then I always imagine that I feel a little bit off no matter how much I warm up.  I also like to have a small mocha (my one cheat) before I lift.  It just seems to get everything loosened and lubricated.

Sometimes it is the little things that seem to make or break your training session.  Usually they really don’t have all that much actual impact, but they are important to you and not having them seems to put you a little behind.

What are your little things? Please post to Comments.


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