The Little Things


Lots of love in the 9am and 5pm classes today. Great work folks.


The guru enjoys a momentary spot of inactivity.

The guru enjoys a momentary spot of inactivity.

The fastest, most explosive, most agile athlete at CF West never does a WOD, never hits heavy deads, and can’t do a single pullup (although he can drag a 63# kettlebell, that’s bodyweight and a half, a short distance).  He doesn’t really train in the strict sense and pretty much eats anything he can.  As I am sure you have guessed by now, it is Mowgli.  And, strangely enough, he is the inspirational source for this post.

One thing I have noticed about Mowgli is that he gets very excited about the little things.  Life is a pretty exciting affair for Mowgli.  He’s a dog, you say, of course he gets excited easily.  And while that may be true, it is a good and rather enviable attitude to have.

At the box I sometimes see people who are not happy unless they PR by half a minute or a chunk of weight.  This is especially true of people that are getting out of the beginner level. One of the great things about CrossFit is its breadth.  Think of Mowgli and remember, its the little things that count.

Take joy and pride in all the little accomplishments that happen regularly in the box.  If you only measure great journeys, and that is certainly what CrossFit is, by giant strides, then it’s going to be a pretty long and boring trip.  At CF West we like to say “be better, everyday.”  Be just a little bit better every single day.  Since you can’t PR every day, being better means the little things.  Collect enough little things, and you’ve got a giant stride.  One of those big leaps that sometimes seem to just come out of nowhere.

So please, take joy in the little things.  Try to have a little more of Mowgli’s attitude.  It doesn’t take a lot of excitement to go a long way.

Today, yesterday, right now, what little thing did you improve on? Please post answers to Comments.


Power Clean

Work up to your 3RM and then do that weight for 3 more sets.



1000m Row

50 Thrusters 45/33#

30 Pullups

Post WOD and time to Comments.