The Love Affair


The 9AM class; lots of lifting ability...and I am not talking about the guy in the middle.

The 9AM class; lots of lifting ability...and I am not talking about the guy in the middle.

At CrossFit West Santa Cruz, we have always had a bit of a crush on the barbell.  Don’t get me wrong, kettlebells, dumbbells, sand bags, and med balls are all great, but nothing has captured our imagination quite like the barbell.  The barbell and a load of bumpers.

I know that there are affiliates out there that train almost exclusively with kettlebells or with bodyweight, so I don’t want to offend anyone, but to my mind the barbell is where it’s really at.  Nothing builds strength and power, agility and speed, like the barbell.  And that is why the strongest, fastest, most powerful men and women on the face of the planet–Olympic lifters–train with the barbell.  The kettlebell, bodyweight, dumbbell, you name it, they all pale in comparison with the simplicity and raw potentiality of the barbell.

With a stack of bumper plates, the barbell allows for wide scaling, constant progression, and truly heavy lifting.  You can certainly find someone to argue this, even within the CrossFit world, but the simple truth is that you will get closer to your genetic potential for power and strength by training with the barbell than any other weight bearing device.  Sure, other types of load are fun and valuable, but more as a side dish than the main course.  Snack around, but you will always get the most nutrition from the barbell.  And a stack of bumpers.

The rubber bumper plate lets one fail.  And safely.  Only by failing will you find your limit and ultimately push that limit further and further away.  Never be scared of failing a lift.  Or frustrated with yourself if you do fail.  How often in life can we find our limits so safely, so non-judgmentally.  And push that limit further away the very next day.  

The barbell, along with the rubber bumper plate, is, to my mind, the heart and soul of CrossFit.  But maybe that’s just because I have a crush.

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3 Rounds

Max reps in 1 minute of the back squat. 135/85#

Max reps in 1 minute of the box jump.

Take a 1 minute break after each round (ie, after the box jump).

Your score is the total reps completed.

Post WOD and score to Comments.