The Mountain

Morgan and Alicia.

The CrossFit West Santa Cruz not-so-secret purple (mauve? magenta?) cabal.

People need mountans to climb. They need to do something which is going to change their lives, and the lives of those around them. People need inspiration and they need to be inspirations. Mountains intrisically make you look deep into yourself and either curl up or say “I am”.  So does CrossFit. It is about overcoming, but even more importantly it is about striving. This is one of the appeals of CrossFit. It is a mountain. It is difficult and fun and crazy and hard and at times insurmountable. It is exactly what people are looking for, what they need. It is a great challenge in a world that is getting progressively more and more devoid of great challenges. As the actual mountains of the world are getting more and more climbed, the great rivers more and more rafted, and the great wildernesses explored, the future challenges are challenges within. Those challenges everyone can do.

Challenge yourself.

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