The New Breed

Matt M, young gun, gets high on the bar.

The young guns have arrived.

Hitherto now, people have primarily done CrossFit for health and fitness reasons or as training for another sport or profession.  But a new breed of CrossFitter is entering the picture, young guys (and girls) for whom CrossFit is first and foremost a sport. Up until now, I would bet that the vast majority of competitive CrossFitters did not start CrossFit with the specific desire to compete. They started doing CrossFit for a myriad of other reasons, got hooked, discovered that they had a lot of ability, and due to a coaches urging, started competing. The young guns are different. These are guys who first heard of CrossFit as a sport and started training expressly to compete. Maybe they are ex-high school or collegiate athletes who can no longer continue with their original sport, maybe they were casting around for a sport to satisfy their competitive drive, whatever the reason, these guys are seeing CrossFit in a wholly new light, different than the old timers who have come before.

CrossFit is entering a new era. It’s gonna be interesting.

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Olympic Total

Find a new 1Rm in the Snatch and Clean&Jerk.