The New CrossFit Gym

Congratulations to CrossFit West Santa Cruz's good friend CrossFit Amundson on their big new gym.

When I started CrossFit, the archetypal CrossFit gym was a warehouse in a lonely industrial section of town. It might have old or dirty mats and the bare essentials when it came to equipment. The main defining characteristic was its size–small. Pretty damn small.

All that is changing now, and CrossFit West Santa Cruz is leading the charge to a different kind of CrossFit gym. The new CrossFit gym is big, often really big, and full of open space in a way that the old school CrossFit gym could never have dreamt of. Indoor turf, huge pullup rigs, lots of platforms, stacks of plates, forests of bars, and rows of bikes and rowers, the CrossFit gym has grown along with CrossFit itself.

The soul of the CrossFit gym, however, remains the same, rooted in exceptional community and exceptional performance, coupled with excellent coaching, the engines of CrossFit.


Front Squat 2RM


100 Hang Power Snatches 1/2 BW

Do 5 Pullups and 5 Pushups every time the bar touches the ground.