The Olympic Total

Chelsea S on her way to a PR.

The tale of the tape.

CF West did the Olympic Total today, and it was really fun. One rep max in the snatch and then the clean and jerk. There is just something about doing max lifts–everyone gathering around the lifter, shouting encouragement and then falling silent as the lifter sets his or her grip and attacks the lift–that always fires me up. And the PRs! From 6am to 6pm, the PRs kept coming. Along with the support came competition and along with the competition came support.. Each class had its lifters that looked at the big whiteboard with its lists of lifters, lifts, and totals, and got inspired to put more weight overhead. But, it seemed that the most competitive lifters were the ones cheering loudest on another’s lifts and the first to high five a PR or offer encouragement after a dropped bar. That’s community.

Great work everyone and congratulations.


Rest Day