The Open Experience- Nicole



The Open is coming! We are going to spend the month of February to prepare you for the 2016 CrossFit Open, with clinics, stories of others, and information on the benefit of participating in the Open!

What is the Open you say?

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Here is a personal story from one of our Members from last year! Her first Open experience.

When it was suggested to me last year that I register for the 2015 Crossfit Open my initial thought was “why”? Why should I register when I am not a competitive athlete, I’m not going to qualify for regionals or go to the games so why bother? With a little gentle nudging  I did register and complete all the 2015 Open workouts, although all scaled WOD’s. And let me tell you I am so happy I did.


This is why:

·         I now have a baseline to measure my performance for the next year so I know where my weaknesses & strengths are (always work in progress!)

·         My althletic self esteem went up several notches

·         My coaches & fellow box members cheered me on even when I didn’t want to finish (lots of high-fives too!)

·         It was fun! The energy and excitement in the gym was great


Crossfit has changed my perspective, I am more comfortable in my body now than ever before. I never really exercised regulary prior to Crossfit  but now when I WOD & lift weights I feel empowered and free. Everytime I go to the box I am happy I did, I never regret it.  Bring on the 2016 Open.”