The Oxidative Pathway

The AM classes.  Nice work on some hard WODs. Thanks for coming, guys.

The AM classes. Nice work on some hard WODs. Thanks for coming, guys.


At CF West we like to lift heavy. And we have some decent numbers (none of them mine, sadly). A 450# back squat, 485# deadlift, 230# overhead squat, 225# press. We also like heavy fast WODs, and this focus gives us (well, not me again) some decent times. A 1:44 Grace, 3 minute Isabel, sub 8 Helen. We regularly do 100 and 200 meter sprints, both running and on the erg. In other words, we firmly believe that heavy, hard, and fast is the way to go.

But, now and again it is good to venture out into the realm where endurance and stamina reign–the oxidative pathway. In my mind, this is any WOD that lasts longer than 12 minutes, certainly 15 or longer. We don’t want to live there, or even regularly visit, but, at times, a spirited adventure outside our normal borders is a rousing good thing.

WODs like Murph, the Filthy Fifty, Eva, Fight Gone Bad or this last Yuletide’s Twelve Days of Christmas can challenge a CrossFitter and force growth in a way that shorter heavier WODs can’t if used sparingly. However, I think the key word here is ‘sparingly’. Too many long drawn out metcons will result in an athlete that is all slow twitch and stamina, unable to explode with speed and aggression.

The Workout of the Day below is a good example. Give it a try and let me know how a longer lighter WOD makes you feel.


40, 30, 20, 10

Deadlift 155/100#

Push Press 85/55#


Post WOD completed and score to Comments.