The Real Doctor….Doctor Drea is going to be a Boss


This Saturday one of our very own is traveling over the mountain to check out the view… That’s right people… Our very own Dr. Drea is competing in the Powerlifting competition called “Boss of Norcal” at Dan the Really-Really-Strong-Green’s gym (Check details below)

DATE: May 14th, 2016

SANCTION: CA-2016-04

VENUE: Boss Barbell Club, 241 Mountain View, CA 94043


So what is our bad-ass trainer opening with in the 72kg weight class? Oh just these nice big 3 digit numbers below:

Squat 237.5

Bench 154.5

Deadlift 319.5


So get up off your couch this weekend, and drive over the hill and support, cheer, scream, and play some Dr. Dre music for our athlete!