The Rising Sun

Emmett; back lever.

Emmett; back lever.

I got to the box at 5:40 this morning. It was quiet, so quiet and still. At no other time in the day does the box feel like this. Even when there is no one training, or even here, there is the residue of the earlier classes. There is still a palpable feeling of effort and work. Of strain. The box in the very early morning, however, seems virginal and fresh. Scarred stands, scuffed bumpers, chalked rings; they all feel new, awaiting their first touch.

This time of the year in Santa Cruz, the home of CrossFit, the sun is beginning to rise early and its first rays shine almost directly through the rollup at the front of the box. The light brings a sense of activity to me, but deeper into the box the sun has not reached and the stillness yet permeates the darkness. It is a strange dichotomy–the drive that so often accompanies a CrossFit class beginning to build with the growing light at the front of the box and the sleepy murk still dominating in the further recesses.

The members begin to arrive for the 6am class. Some bright and eager, a coffee cup in hand; others sleepy and grumpy, hair tousled. I look at them all, starting their day with effort and pain. It makes a certain amount of sense to hit the CrossFit box early. Get the hard part of the day out of the way as soon as possible. The rest of the day is sailing.

The 6am crew never knows what is in store for them. What do the cards hold, or, in the winter months, the stars? There is nothing on the whiteboards, they are mute. No names, no times, no WODs, nothing to give them a clue as to what comes next. No chatter throughout the day to give fair warning.

The early morning is its own world. Its own time zone. Come try it.


AMRAP in 10 minutes

1 Deadlift 335/205#

2 Muscle Ups

3 Handstand Pushups

4 Kettlebell Swings 73/53#

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