The Rope

Here is a great video of the famous rope at Sydney’s Bondi Beach (by the way, I suggest using the mute button).

Ropes are a real staple in a CrossFit gym, but rarely seen elsewhere. Gymnastics schools and rock climbing gyms and that is about it. Of course, every grade and high school used to have them, but now in our litigious society I guess they are just deemed too much of a risk. And what a shame that is. The rope is an awesome strength and power building tool.

At our old box, CF West had three climbing ropes.  We have four ropes for the new box. They are currently being stored in a big tangle under the front desk.  But not for long.  The mounting brackets have arrived and the ropes go up soon.  Once again, the joy of pulling one’s self hand-overhand 17 feet into the air will be ours.



Back Squat

3, 3, 3, 3, 3


10 Clean and Jerks 155/100#

400m Run

8 Clean and Jerks

200m Run

6 Clean and Jerks

100m Run

4 Clean and Jerks

30 Yrd Sprint

2 Clean and Jerks