The Silver Cup

Van's favorite class.

Van's favorite class.

Anna's first pullup! Way to go Anna.

Anna's first pullup! Way to go Anna.


Add another name to the CF West muscle up list.  Congratulations Sascha.

Add another name to the CF West muscle up list. Congratulations Sascha.

img_2376When the first Roman envoy went to Carthage, they were stunned by the wealth and opulence of the city.  Jewels, fair cloths, rich foods, gold and silver, all as yet unseen by the Romans were commonplace. When Carthage sent an embassy to Rome, the Romans launched a search for suitable tableware with which to serve their guests.  But, in all the Roman lands, all that was found was a single silver dish.  That Rome, the Rome of a single silver cup, went on to defeat Carthage in two wars and utterly destroy it in a third.

Years later, the Roman statesman Cato, in a speech railing against the decadence and overindulgence that he saw in Rome, recounted how the Rome of a single silver cup defeated the great Carthaginian empire.  He said that Rome needed to return to the values and morals of that bygone Rome.  A Rome of simplicity and strength. Of calloused hands and battle worthy citizens.

What does all this ancient history have to do with CrossFit?  A lot actually.  As we become more and more proficient at CrossFit, it is easy to become infatuated with fancy movements and highly technical lifts.  Sometimes when the focus is on these lifts and movements, progress can stall, you can hit a plateau.

When this happens, remember the words of Cato.  Remember the example of the single silver cup.  Return to the basics.  The deadlift, the squat, the clean, the press, the pullup.  The basics, the foundations of CrossFit.  For example, if your snatch has stalled, sure you can hit the snatch pulls and the snatch balances, but you will have better luck just concentrating on the basics.  Hit the deadlift and the press heavy. Heavy and hard.  Hit the squat, front and back.  Heavy and hard.  A month or two of the basics and your snatch will be flying.

You can find training wisdom in the most unlikely of places.

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5 Rounds

1 Rope Ascent

2 Power Cleans 215/145#

3 Box Jumps 40/33″

4 Handstand Pushups

100m Row

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