The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived – And It Just Might Save Us All…

Today was a special day for CrossFitters everywhere. National exposure. National recognition. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the above video which played on network television today). The sport of fitness has truly arrived – and for the naysayers out there, for the people that thought CrossFit was a fad, for the people that thought it was too hard, not scientific, too small of a niche, not “for everyone”, overly-randomized, dangerous, or, just plain silly. Well, I’m sorry to report to you, we’re here to stay.

And mind you, the sport of fitness has arrived because our nation, our world, is dying for it – literally. This is not a marketing campaign, not a convoluted attempt to sell more “widgets”. This movement, this community, this “thing called CrossFit” is a response to a way of life that is wreaking havoc on our planet and killing more people than any disease or war we’ve ever seen. CrossFit, in my opinion, is one species’ survival mechanism finally kicking in; it is Homo Sapiens’ effort to combat laziness, mal-nutrition, and apathy. It is our last ditch effort to derail this trainwreck consisting of obesity and disease. For thousands of years, across cultures, mankind has celebrated, studied, and developed the sacred trilogy of “mind, spirit, and body”. With CrossFit, we are reclaiming the third which has been sorely forgotten in the past century, and if nothing else, is our god-given right as living/breathing animals on this planet. Fight for your right.

And for the naysayers? Well, as for your wish to hold on to a simpler, easier, and more comfortable way of life – your fate will be your just reward.

My name is Cliff Hodges – I do CrossFit because it makes me a better person.


On-the-minute for 10 minutes:
Deadlift x2 (80-85% 1RM)
Sprint 30-yards

Rest, then:
4-3-2-1 Rope Climb
1-2-3-4 30-yard Prowler Push (140#/90#)