The Temple


Most people don’t think of a CrossFit box as a place that changes lives.  Sure, people get fit and healthier, but how big a deal is that?

Ya know folks, it is a huge deal.  Just tremendous. Fitness to people who haven’t had it before quite literally changes lives.  A lot of the changes are physical—the ability to simply do activities that they have never done before, for example.  However the most profound changes are on the inside.  Imagine the confidence that comes from doing things that you never once imagined you could?  Imagine the spirit and will that would engender.

A CrossFit box is a place that quite literally changes lives.  I have seen it. Every affiliate owner and trainer has seen it.  In fact, many have experienced it themselves.  I can hear the guffaws and smirks as you read this, and I know it probably sounds a bit sappy, but think about it for a moment.  As a trainer, I love working with standout athletes.  Helping them gain athletic dominance is a lot of fun.  However, in terms of strictly personal satisfaction, creating a fit person out of someone who never thought they could be is really rewarding. It’s great making a good deadlift heavier, or a killer vert a little higher, but knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life for the rest of their life…well, nothing beats it.

So, the next time you walk into your affiliate, look around with new-seeing eyes.  You are standing in a temple, man.  Treat it as such.  Go ahead and swear, run around shirtless, throw heavy weight about with abandon. But never ever forget where you are.  A CrossFit box is a pretty special place.  There aren’t a lot of places that affect lives in such a fashion.

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1 Squat Clean (go as heavy as you can, add weight as able)

5 Pushups

50m Sprint

On the minute for 15 minutes.

Post WOD and score to Comments.