The Total


A number of years ago, it was determined that CrossFitters were lacking in absolute strength. The Crossfit Total was developed by Mark Rippetoe in order to increase the absolute strength of CrossFitters and incorporated into CrossFit in 2006.  

The Total is the sum of the best of 3 lifts in the back squat, deadlift, and press, hailed by Rippetoe (who oughta know) as the “three most effective lifts in existence for developing and testing functional strength.”

Working the Total makes for a great day as each attempt is cheered on by the other lifters.  Today was no exception.  I think everyone PRed and that makes me very happy.  The top women’s score was 584 and the top men’s score was 915 (Selene and Golden, where were you?).  After the Total, everyone did a max rep set of pullups.  Again, some impressive numbers were put up, 32 for the lassies and 38 for the lads.  Great work everyone.  Thanks for coming out.


CrossFit Total


1 Max Rep Set of Pullups

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