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Tonight’s guest post is brought to you by one of our top firebreather chicka’s, top bench mark performer, member of our 2009 Affiliate Cup team, and stud beach volleyball player, Vero.  Thanks for sharing  your love Vero.  And remember, I’m still taking guest post submissions.  Send them to [email protected].  We love hearing from you!

I’m close to 1 year of cross fit now and it is a summary of what I like about
cross fit.
The list of Cross fit benefits is so long, it could be categorized in 3 areas:
physical, mental and social

Less pain: A lot of sports / activities are unbalanced:  upper – lower body-
Left- right while Cross fit is complete and helps balancing it all which reduces
chances of injuries
Better with other sport/ activities: physical and mental strengths contributes
to be faster, better and to last longer.
Good fatigue: Focusing and concentrating to give a lot of physical and mental
energy provides a healthy fatigue for better sleep. 
Aesthetics: Cross fit makes youlook fitter

Sense of achievement: When a tough workout is done, a PR is done, a goal is met,
or healthy competition: when we keep the pace with the person working out with
Understand limit and push them ,as limits evolve reset goals
Measure the evolution and transformation through a journal.
Learning experience: We are lucky to have a great team of coaches which can help
to make the journey a never ending learning experience
Humbling experience and Inspiration: there is so much diversity in the workout
and in the people that there is always a piece of somebody that is better than
you and that you can try to be like.
To evolve: accept to fail, courage (We all share the same look of fear 5s before
the metcon starts…), get the agressivity out (wear a piece and love shirt),
bring all your energy out (Scream!!!).
New and Evolving sport: it is special to witness how this sport is evolving

(geographically, games, journey of amazing athletes). It’s like being part of a
great story

Diversity: as this is scalable, we can all workout together men, women, elements
rooky, boomer, injured, it’s a very rich environment to share.
Team dynamic, spirit, camaraderie: cheering and seeing people’s progress on PR
Board is neat. Team competition rocks as we deal with other’s strengths and
weaknesses for optimal team result. I cannot work out by myself any more: the
best award for a PR is the coach and the work out partners high 5s.
Web site: Thanks for entertaining this daily pleasure to see an interesting
article/ a smiley face in the web site.
Fun: Thanks to CFWSC for making workout fun. I’m always looking forward to spicy
comments and signature lifts. Every time I come to workout I see a friend: It
makes my day.
The beauty of it: it takes only 1 hour a day and a membership to get all these

And you, what do you like about cross fit?


Congratulations to Gideon on his first muscle up!

Congratulations to Gideon on his first muscle up!