The Video Page Is Up

Steve and Summer; a couple of happy and satisfied customers. 


Steve and Summer post WOD; a couple of happy and satisfied customers.


Well folks, after a lot of frustration and several panicky calls to Kyle, I actually got the official CF West Santa Cruz video page up and running.  The solution turned out to be ridiculously easy, even for me.  I watched a youtube video about how embed a video into a wordpress website.  Imagine, a video about how to embed video.  I found it quite amazing, or maybe I just need to get out of the gym more.

With great fanfare I am calling the page Kick Ass Videos of Kick Ass Achievements.  That will probably change, especially when it is pointed out to me that, while the achievements certainly kick ass, my editing and stuff is considerably less impressive than the actual achievements.

Anyway, please enjoy the first 3 videos posted.  I have more and the page will be regularly updated (as long as there are kick ass achievements being achieved at CFWSC).  Like I mentioned yesterday, please pass along any suggestions of videos you would like to see via Comments. 


30 Squat Cleans 155/100#

The weights listed above are the weights used at the 2008 CrossFit Games for the Sunday Clean and Jerk WOD.  For scaling, try to use a weight greater than the weight you would normally use for Grace.

Post load and time to Comments. If you did a different WOD, post WOD and score.