The Weekly PR Board


The PR board for the week 4/4-4/11. And dig those shirts! World famous. The Friday and Saturday crews.







Please excuse the lack of a post yesterday.  I was experiencing serious technical difficulties by forgetting my camera and laptop at the box.

Every CrossFit gym that I have been to has some kind of record board.  Reserved for the top few in each WOD or movement, the record board is a pretty coveted place to have your name (alas, mine used to appear with much greater frequency).  CrossFit West certainly has its fair share of fast times and big numbers on its record boards, but we also have a whiteboard called the Weekly PR board.

The Weekly PR board is just that–a place for all members to write down their PRs in whatever WOD or movement they did that week.  I have to admit that, as a trainer, I get a jolt of pride when I see some of the killer times and numbers thrown down by the firebreathers at CF West, but I am most proud of the Weekly PR board.  Every week the board is completely filled with PRs.  There might be someone’s first unassisted pullup right next to a notation logging another athlete’s 27 chest-to-bar pullups.  And those PRs, not the big up-on-the-record-board PRs, are what really counts to the athlete.  Those little PRs, everyday getting a little bit better at some aspect of CrossFit, are what keeps a member coming back.  No matter how insignificant they may be in comparison to the numbers on the record boards, those little PRs are huge to the person accomplishing them.  That is why we celebrate them and why I insist every PR is written on that board.

As a a trainer, I can look at the Weekly PR board, with its myriad array of WODs and movements and its plethora of names, and know that I am doing my job well.  And, I have to admit, that makes me feel pretty good too.

What were some of your PRs this past week.  Please post to Comments.


Tabata Couplet

Clean and Jerk 175/123#

Air Squat

Your score is the total number of reps completed over the full 8 rounds of each couplet.

This is a very advanced workout.   Check your ego at the door and scale if need be.  Top score so far is 195 by Billy B at a bodyweight of 155.

Please post WOD and score to Comments.