This Week’s Events

Conor killing the dumbbell clean thrusters in yesterday's WOD.

Water polo is one of the most popular sports in Europe. It combines the teamwork and ball skills of basketball, the clash of wrestling, and the endurance of soccer. A good player needs strength, power, speed, endurance, stamina, accuracy, and a host of other attributes. They have to be very tough and quick thinking. All in 10 feet of water. Top level polo players are big, fast, and powerful, with incredible stamina and endurance. Click here for an awesome compilation of goals from last year’s World Championships.

6'6", 240# Hungarian Gergely Kiss, the best left-hander in the world.

The supplement Proanox was originally tested in the world of international water polo and it passed with flying colors. Water polo players, including the US national team, make up one of the largest concentrations of Proanox users worldwide. Proanox hit CrossFit last year and it has made some huge inroads, with many of the top competitive CrossFit athletes, including the two NorCal region male and female Open winners, becoming devotees. Proanox provides energy, but its recovery boost is incredible. Muscles will be less sore, connective tissue springier, and wind more easily regained with regular intake of Proanox. Many CrossFit West members can attest to it.

How and why does Proanox work? I have no idea. But DJ Downs does. DJ, the Proanox/CrossFit liason for NorCal will be at Thursday’s (5/3) evening classes to talk about Proanox and explain the science behind it. Oh, if you get the top RX’d time in the class he trains in, you get a free bag. Hit it hard.

The Tactical Strength Challenge

The nationwide Tactical Strength Challenge comes to CrossFit West Santa Cruz this Saturday at noon. The TSC is an online competition open to anyone very similar to the CrossFit Open. It is three events done at one sitting–max deadlift, max rep deadhang pullups (weighted or unweighted), and max rep kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes. There are several different divisions and weight classes. Basically, the TSC rocks, and its a lot of fun. Please talk to any trainer for info.

See you on Saturday.


Press 3×3


AMRAP 5 Minutes

10 Hang Power Clean (135/83)

10 Toes-to-bar

rest 2 minutes, repeat