Throwdown Results






The King of the Hill Throwdown went down today and was a huge success.  CrossFit West Santa Cruz and CrossFit Los Gatos had 10 teams combined, including 2 Rx’d teams each.  It was a nail biting event that featured a team AMRAP 10  min of “2 min defense”  (1 Power Clean, 3 H.Cleans, 2 Jerks) a Max Deadlift, and a Classic Weightlifting/gymnastics team couplet- Snatch, Pull Up (80,60,40).  CrossFit West Santa Cruz Team 1 took 1st place in all three events.  However, CFLG team 1&2 took 2nd and 3rd respectively, while CFWSC team 2 took 4th place.  Being a dual meet between boxes (not just top team, winner take all) the scoring system resulted in a tie.  So it came down to combined RX’d  team totals. 

Scores were combined from the two Rx’d teams from each box. The results were suspensfully close.  CFWSC took WOD A by just 1 round (69 vs.68)!  CFLG took WOD two by 100lbs!  So it came to the final WOD… CFWSC took WOD C 7:44 to 8:52! 

Both young CrossFit Boxes proved their depth, intensity, and camaraderie today.  Fun was had by all- athletes, spectators, kids, Mowgli- and we couldn’t be happier to have all had a chance to CrossFit our faces off. 

I’d like to give a special thanks to all of those who helped judge- Kyle, Jason, Shane, Leah, Cliff  (sorry if I’m forgetting anyone- I was behind the camera all day!  And to all of those who came just to cheer everyone on.  We gotta a speciall thing, CFWSC and LG!  Great job everyone.


CrossFit West Owners Cliff, Jocelyn, Sam soak up the competition.