Thursday Rant

Emmett; Bear complex at bodyweight + 10#.

I was talking to a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach yesterday and predictably we starting talking about training programs and methodologies. Of course CrossFit came up and sure enough he made the inevitable remark that CrossFit is nothing new, that he, and others, had people doing Olympic lifts and pushups and sprints and jumps 20 years ago. I asked him who he had doing these movements. Everyone, he replied. All the athletes at the college. Football players of course, and throwers, and jumpers and wrestlers and many others.

Bam, that’s it. Right there, right there is one of the truly great things about CrossFit. I asked the former s&c coach how many soccer moms and surfers and software engineers and firefighters and cops and grandparents and nurses and mixed martial artists and architects and grade school teachers he had doing those movements. He looked at me kind of blankly and said, well none, I just worked with the college’s athletes.

This is one of the big criticisms of CrossFit. That we are not inventing anything new, that everything we do has been around for a long time and we are just johnny-come-latelys thinking we are all cool. Seems to really rile some people up if you read the junk on the interwebs. Yes, it is true that just about everything we do in CrossFit has been done before. So What? Who first invented the pushup? Australopithecus?

What is absolutely new about CrossFit is its accessibility, its egalitarianism. Before CrossFit, who did all the movements we do everyday? A very few people, collegiate athletes for example, just like the old coach’s charges. Not anymore. CrossFit has opened up this type of training to anyone and everyone. That’s pretty revolutionary. Who cares who did it first. I don’t.  And neither does CrossFit. We are too busy kicking ass and changing lives. And anyway, it’s who is doing it now that matters.

Why shouldn’t everyone be given the chance to train this way, whether they are a competitive athlete or not? Are bicycles only for bike racers? The old attitude is that this type of training is too tough and effective and hard for anyone besides pro or collegiate level athletes. So much for that old myth. Like so much vitriol directed CrossFit’s way, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

A final question comes to mind. If, according to so many CrossFit detractors, CrossFit is the wrong way to train, why are so many claiming they did it first?


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3 Rounds

12 Deadlifts

9 Front Squats

6 Cleans

3 Thrusters

1 Muscle Up and 1 High Box Jump (38/28″) between each different movement.

Guys use 135#, dolls use 95#.