Time to Rock and Roll!

It’s time! Our soft opening starts tomorrow morning 6AM sharp! We’d love to have lot’s of folks there to kick off this special day.

If you are already a part of CrossFit West then you can attest to how special our community really is. We certainly feel it. But let me explain to the rest of the folks out there a few things about us and what we’ve got planned for the future. What is really unique about OUR CrossFit gym is the blend of expertise in our owners/coaching staff as well as our method of programming and variety/diversity in our clientele. Our owners consist of: Jocelyn Forest- a professional softball player of 6 years, USA Team member, Cal Grad and National Champion, with a strength and conditioning back ground, Sam Radetsky- a martial arts master/ black belt in multiple disciplines and UCSC All American water polo player alum, and Cliff Hodges- an MIT Grad who owns and teaches outdoor survival (including native style bow and arrow making, fire by friction, etc) rock climbing, and surfing. We also have on board two top trainers: Jason Highbarger, one of the very first CrossFit coaches ever who has extensively coached many top athletes for over a decade including professional football player Dwigth Lawry of the NY Jets, Pro baseball player Steven Wright of the Cleveland Indians, professional fighter Luke Stewart . Jason is also known for his pro bono work donating countless hours of coaching to at risk youth, car accident victims, cancer survivors and the like. Also on staff is Olympic lifter Kyle Haynes. Kyle is incredibly relatable to our clients as he did not start out in CrossFit with any athletic background. Rather, he started out an overweight, de-conditioned musician and once he caught the “CrossFit bug” transformed himself into a strong, lean athlete and is currently a competitive Olympic lifter. Kyle is also known for his extensive knowledge in nutrition and is highly sought after within the CrossFit community for nutrition consulting.

This owner/coaching team combine such an incredible blend of knowledge and experience in different types of physical prowess that it has translated into one of the fastest growing CrossFit gyms that we know of and in turn has drawn an equally diverse group of amazing clients. Our clients rang from beginners who have never been physical or athletic in their lives, to college and professional athletes. We have trained every one from 15 year old high school freshman to 65 year old grandparents; From marathon runners, to dancers, to fire fighter and police officers; From House moms to hard hitting powerlifters and bodybuilders, and everything in between. The camaraderie is incredibly unique and the programming so universal that the mix of people above can be working out side by side, each at a level that is right for them.

As a result, after just 1 year in our current 2000 square foot warehouse in the Costco area, we are expanding into a beautiful 10,000 square foot space right across the lot! Not only will this become the largest CrossFit gym on the West Coast, this gym will offer features unlike any CrossFit gym ANYWHERE including a 215sq ft kids area with a giant chalk board, a 36 inch flat screan TV and a mini rock climbing wall. We will have a 100ft sprint lane of artificial turf for sprint and agility work as well as sled sprints and prowler pushes. We will have 14 weightlifing platforms featuring state of the art Rogue squat and pull up structures. We’ll have private offices for consultations and goal setting, two bathrooms with showers as well as all new standard CrossFit equipment.
And here’s the most exciting part. We have had such an overwhelming success with our older generations (50-70 years old) being physical and using their bodies in ways they never thought possible. By combining clean diet with our fitness methodologies we have seen people lower their cholesterol while safely ditching their medications, complete remission of rheumatoid arthritius, increase in bone density, and mass gains in strength and endurance (not to mention confidence). In fact, it has been such a success that we have partnered with CrossFit Longevity to run a specific program side by side with the general CrossFit program, specializing in this population.

CrossFit Longevity is affiliated and owned by current CrossFit West Santa Cruz athlete and coach John Van Every who brings with him a passion for this the CrossFit methodology in older generations after seeing his father improve his health while training with current CrossFit West Boomers coach Ed Evans. Both John and his father John Sr. realized that there was not only a place for CrossFit in older generations, but a desperate need for it, hence the birth of CrossFit Longevity.

John will bring on board Ed Evans to spearhead the Longevity program. Ed, at age 64, is currently a CrossFit coach specializing in older generations. As an experienced powerlifter, CrossFit athlete and coach he brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that both CrossFit West and CrossFit Longevity are lucky to have. It’s also worth mentioning that he can squat 500lbs! He is the epitome of what CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle can lead to in later years.

As you can see, this is an incredibly exciting time. This CrossFit facility will be the only one of its kind and will be the first to reach out to such a diverse population aiming to better the lives, health, and happiness of as many people possible. The CrossFit West Santa Cruz and Longevity partnership is one that we think will make health and fitness history.