CF West's sister affiliate CF Los Gatos' trainer Billy Bybee repping behind the back clapping pullups. Now that is jaw dropping! 


Billy Bybee, a trainer at CF West's sister affiliate CF Los Gatos, repping behind the back clapping pullups. Now that is jaw dropping!

Timing, as in life, is of extreme importance in CrossFit. Timing affects so much. It is the difference between a successful and a missed lift. A string of double unders and a string of curses. A long combination of flowing kipping pullups and stops and restarts. It is really the underpinning factor of good technique.

Timing is the kinesthetic awareness of the load in space and of your own body in space. And the relationship of one to the other. All movements, with or without an external load, are a progression of much smaller movements that need to happen in a precise sequence to be successful, much less graceful (the core to extremity rule, for example). As no movement happens in a vacuum, a skilled practitioner makes dozens of adjustments, most of which he or she has no conscious awareness of, throughout the course a the movement.

Think of the complexity of a clean or snatch. Or a boxer’s 6 punch combination. Or a water polo player firing a 55 mile-an-hour shot on goal with a defender trying to take his head off and a goalie rearing up before him. Or Billy’s behind-the-back clapping pullups. How about smoothly (I hope) down and upshifting on Highway 17 among other cars all traveling very fast. Hundreds of hours, probably years, of training goes into the timing of that one movement. Kinesthetic awareness indeed.

In CrossFit we like to stand on our two feet and move an external load and/or ourselves through space, because that is what makes us stronger, faster, more power and agile, not to mention that is how life is. Everyday life does not consist of strapping one’s tookus onto a seat and pushing on a couple of handles. Movement in sport, work, life, is full of intricate and complex timing.

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5 Rounds

100m Sprint

2 Deadlifts-as close to a max as you can.

There is no time component for this WOD, but don’t dawdle.  Take your time getting out to the 100m mark, but no walking.

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