Tips, does, and don’ts for 15.3


Open Workout 15.3

14 min amrap
7 Muscle-Ups
50 Wall Ball, 20/14
100 Double Unders


Muscle ups are first (Upside down Emoji) Depending on if you have muscle ups or not, 15.3  is going to be a workout with strategy and planning, or 14 minutes of you swinging on rings praying to the muscle up Gods (Praying hand emoji).


3 elements to look at:

Muscle ups. Depending on your proficiency break them up from the beginning. Your goal with muscle ups are to make every attempt a make. The amount of recovery both mentally and physically from missed reps is not worth you trying to link your 2nd round with 3s or 4s.  If you are new to muscle ups, welcome to the club, go singles with controlled rest that you know you will make. Use the clock to give you that controlled rest time. Break the sets up before they break you. Remember that hollow and arch positions in the swing. Keep that body tight.

Wall balls. Break them up before they break you with controlled rest. Sets of 10 with 5-10 second rests will keep you from burning out your shoulders and legs. After a set is complete lean against the wall with the ball and let your arms fall to your sides. This will save you a bunch of time than dropping the ball, walking around, getting a drink of water, etc. 50 wall balls. Not that bad. Do not let the ball break you, break up sets before fatigue. No ball breakers.

Double unders.  Find a rhythm. Focus on hands low, and wrists flicking. Breath. Break the sets up before that pulsing pain starts to come to your shoulders. Yes, you can do 50 double unders unbroken. Should you? I wouldn’t suggest it, keep your rhythm and have no misses.

My first introduction to Double unders. Yes its frustrating.


Warm up. Get sweaty. Warm up your legs, shoulders, lower back, the whole shabang! This is a lengthy workout, get your body primed and warm to take on the fight.  Set the rings to your favorable height. Get that buckle out the way. Bottom to bottom dips/ kipping ring dips. Warm up your catch position, practice a few muscle up reps. Wall balls figure out the reps you feel comfortable holding through your warm up. Double unders, get the rope you love, then get another rope just in case your lover breaks up on you mid workout.


Final note.  Why are you doing this? Remember to have fun. Remember to not be frustrated, but let these workouts shine light on where you as an athlete need work. Make your challenges your friend next year.