‘Tis The Season

CrossFit West Owners and Trainers - Sam, Cliff, Jocelyn, Kyle and Jason

CrossFit West Owners and Trainers - Sam, Cliff, Jocelyn, Kyle and Jason

CF West faithfuls - Jesse and Rachel

CF West faithfuls - Jesse and Rachel

By Jocelyn

Tis the season- the season for joy and sharing and festivities and Paleo baked goods.  We had a great turnout at our CF West Holiday Party last Saturday and it was so much fun to see everyone outside the box, all dressed up and ready to play.  Vero made sure we all had a great time and made sure we were never short a Nor Cal margarita.  I’m not sure if it’s the CrossFiting but LoLo’s got some killer dance moves.  Leah brought in some Paleo and Gluten free cookies and brownies the other night that were to die for.  There’s about 10 other people and an empty cookie tin on the back counter who can vouch for that.  Some are planning much needed local “down time” while others are putting together lavish trips to Florida and the Bahamas.  Some are celebrating Christmas, some Hanukah, and some are simply celebrating some time off, their health, their life changes, their life.

Tis the season and CrossFit West is the best group of people to share it with.  Got some good Paleo recipes?  Post them to comments.  What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?  Post it to comments.  Been thinking about your resolutions?  Post them to comments.  Have you met your goals yet?  Post it to comments.  Got a wise crack for Cliff?  Post it to comments.

F. Squat


8 Rabbit Races- 40 yards

5 Rounds

12 KB Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)


2 Rope Climbs


3×15 GHD Sit Ups