Tools For Tools

...This is what greeted me after opening the Gym at 5:50 am Thursday morning.

You may have noticed that we got some new bumpers.  As you already know, every month we re-invest into our facility and add something new or upgrade something we already have.  We are always striving to make this place better for you, each and every month.  You may have also noticed that we have eliminated our homemade wooden plate-holder boxes.  Thus, with getting in new bumpers and eliminating the lil wooden plate holders, there are more bumpers to stack in my lil OCD colored/numbered plate circles.  I will be making some new OCD colored/numbered plate circles on both sides of the gym, as well as re-doing the ones I originally made.  Eventually, I will also weld a 2’ post into a 450 mm diameter steel plate (olympic bumpers are 450mm diameter for competition) so as to at least START every weight-stack in our gym off right (i.e.; in an OCD symmetrical alignment that would appease Cliff and I’s so-called “disorder”.), …but in the meantime, lets take just a bit more care when stacking the bumpers so as THIS kind of thing doesn’t happen.

…What if this stack of plates fell on your kid?  (…Or on that “new person” you got a crush on that I mentioned in my last post, haha.)


Having a Bondhus 2.5 mm Metric T-Handle Hex Wrench can really "save the day" for any CrossFit Athlete who uses the Rogue SR-1 or SR-1S.

Quick Fix For Your Rogue SR-1:

…As CrossFit becomes more a part of your life, and you become further immersed within this community and lifestyle and realize how amazing this community and movement is, …you might find that you “splurge” a bit on things like a new pair of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes, a new set of Wrist-Wraps, a new pair of Reebok CrossFit Nanos (oh theres SO many of you now!!!), your very own CUSTOM DESIGNED pair of Reebok CrossFit Nanos, colored athletic tape that matches your new custom designed Nano’s (oh you know theres a few of you!! Haha), or whatever the latest new “CrossFit Swag” is.  …Within that new CrossFit swag, you may have also spent the money on your very own PIMP new Jump-Rope, (or like some of us, …tried every new damned Jump-Rope on the market to find “the one” that makes you not suck so bad at Double-Unders, haha).  …MANY of us at CrossFit West all have and use the Rogue SR-1 Double Bearing Speed Rope, myself included, (so many of us, in fact, that I added some “flair” to mine with some ridiculous looking tape so as to tell mine apart).  I’ve even bought some of the SR-1‘s for Co-Workers and some of the athletes in our gym who are striving to be on the CrossFit West Team.

While the Rogue SR-1 Double Bearing Speed Rope IS an excellent product, …what isn’t mentioned in the “product info” is the fact that after a month of hard use, the screw will unthread and your SR-1 Jump-Rope will go flailing apart in the middle of a wod that JUST SO HAPPENS to be a wod that your friend called you out on and you just HAVE to beat him because he will undoubtedly “give you shit” about it if he beats you, …regardless if it was because your “jump-rope failed” or not.  This actually happened to one of our very own Team Athletes, Matt Malone.  …It’s quite the nice wod “finisher” to crawl around the floor of a 10,000 square foot black-rubber-matted facility trying to find a lil black screw that holds your new Jump-Rope together.  …Oh, ”fun times”, let me tell you.

Well, I couldn’t help but notice that my SR-1 was about to fly apart as well, slowly coming unscrewed.  This wouldn’t normally be “an issue”, but do to the length of the handle and the narrow width, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to find a wrench that works to put it back together within your local hardware store, (I checked in a few).  The SR-1’s that those of us at CrossFit West have all require a 2.5 mm Metric Hex-Nut Wrench.  I eventually found a wrench that works perfectly, though I had to “bite the bullet” and buy a $55 dollar set by Bondhus to get the exact one I needed (you could buy 22 of the wrench needed for what I paid for a “set”!).  The wrench needed to fix the SR-1 Double Bearing Speed Rope is a Long T-Handle 2.5 mm Metric Hex Wrench.  The Bondhus wrench works perfectly and I used it to tighten several SR-1’s at CrossFit West, as well as put Matt’s “Humpty Dumpty” SR-1 back together again, salvaging what was an unusable jump-rope.

(Note that if you tighten the screw too tight, your SR-1 won’t spin freely at all.)

For everyone within our CrossFit West Community that has the Rogue SR-1, know that I have the tool needed to fix/tighten your jump-rope should it fly apart in a wod or you notice that it is slowly coming unthreaded.  Just hit me up when you see me and I will take care of it for you, no problem.  Simple as that.

CrossFit Affiliate Owners and Coaches, …I know there are many around the world that read our blog and check our site regularly.  For Affiliate Owners and Coaches, (and CrossFit Athletes who wish to have their own tool for the SR-1), there’s no need to waist the $ on a full set from the local hardware store like I had to do.  You can order the exact wrench needed, the 2.5 mm Metric T-Handle Hex-Wrench, online from multiple places such as HERE for a measly $2.40.

If many athletes within your box use the Rogue SR-1 Double Bearing Speed Rope, …you could really be the “rescuer” to many of your clients or fellow athletes, …and all for less that $3.

If you own an Affiliate and you’ve outfitted your box with Rogue SR-1’s or SR-1S’s, you will most definitely want to have at least one of these wrenches on hand.

(Bondhus has an extensive line and seems to be a very quality company.–Such can be gleaned from their rather extensive and elaborate Bondhus 2012 Product Guide.)

Note:  …After tightening my Rogue SR-1, it actually started to come undone again after only a week, (as you can see here on the handle on the bottom right of the photo).  I am going to try using a very tiny amount of Loctite Threadlocker to help secure it in place so  I don’t end up like Matt, …scouring the gym for a screw while having to hear my friend give me shit because he “beat me” in a Double-Under wod.

…Furthermore, …I know many of you have been requesting that we order some more Jump-Ropes, and we will, eventually.  But just as we highly recommend and strongly encourage you to invest in your own set of Olympic Weightlifting Shoes, …you might also consider investing in your very own Jump-Rope.  There are many, MANY options to choose from.  You can get a very good “Speed-Rope” for as low as $10 or as much as $65, and pretty much everywhere in between.  There are many great options out there, such as the Rogue SR-1, Rogue SR-1S, Rx Jump Rope, RPM Speed Rope, or any of these by Again Faster.

…In a future post, either Sam or I will go into depth and outline a bunch of Performance Jump Rope options, our experiences with them, provide direct links and make some suggestions based on our experiences.  For now, you really can’t cant go wrong with either a Rogue SR-1 or Rogue SR-1S, both under $25.

(…Though I just discovered the new Rogue SR-2 Ballistic Jump Rope while writing this post!!  …”Damned you, CrossFit Swag”!!  Haha  …Well, …we all know RICH will undoubtedly be the first one at CrossFit West to be sporting the new Rogue SR-2!  Haha!)


...Like dumping out a can of Pringles....

…Let just see “how not to stack bumper plates” from a more artistic angle, eh?  …Just as a reminder.  😉


Deadlift 3×3 at 75% of 1-RM

Re-Grip after each rep and no dropping the bar


AMRAP in 20

5 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#

10 WallBall 20/14#

200m Run

Done with a partner. 1st person does cleans, 2nd person does cleans, 1st person does Wall-Ball, 2nd person does Wall-Ball, both run together, then 1st person starts again when BOTH partners are at the bar.  Lots of rest so really sprint.