Toughening Up






There comes a time in a beginning CrossFit athlete’s training that they stop surviving the workouts and start charging them. I can literally see the change in their eyes. Each WOD is no longer a death march. Heavy days are eagerly awaited. And they crave the rx’d notation next to their time on the whiteboard. Physically they have changed too. They aren’t as sore after the workout. Hands are starting to callous. Their kip is starting to really work. And their bodies start to lose that initial softness. This is when huge leaps in performance start as beginner’s adaptation occurs. Times drop, often by whole minutes. They also start to become interested in eating for performance. I usually recommend that they attempt to go Paleo. This increases the gains in performance and then everything just starts to snowball.

But the biggest change is in the eyes.


5 Deadlifts 75% 1RM

5 Bench Press 75% 1 RM

Do as many rounds as possible until you can’t do 5 reps. If you get over eight rounds, up the weight to 80% for your next try and so on.

Post rounds and weight used to Comments.