Train Like An Athlete

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Some slices of heaven above and hell below.

Some slices of heaven above and hell below.


What is the difference between being an athlete and being in shape? Is it the same thing, or is it really quite different? A big clue can be found in the places where athletes train and the places people go to be in shape.

The average gym or fitness center is full of machines and the ilk. Lots of them. A true strength and conditioning center, like at a university or the training camp of a NFL team, is full of functional weightlifting equipment like platforms, bumpers, and racks. Lots of them.

Most big universities have several fitness centers available to the students and at least one strength and conditioning room for its athletes. But the two places will look completely different and so will the people using them.

Most people emulate sports stars, but no one wants to train like they do. They want to take the easy way. Machines and stairsteppers, working out with your butt firmly planted (I have even seen machines with seat belts to anchor you in place!).

Train like an athlete. Train like someone who makes their living by being fast, agile, and powerful. Stand on your feet. Lift heavy weight as fast and explosively as you can. Lift it above your head. Sprint, jump, explode.


15, 12, 9 (9, 6, 3)

Thrusters 95/65# (155/95#)

Pullups (chest to bar)

200m Run

If you want to go heavy, do the weight and rep scheme in parentheses.

Post WOD and score to Comments.