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Desmond; somewhere north of 405#.

If you go to the emergency room at any hospital, you have to see a triage nurse.  The triage nurse decides who needs treatment first and the order of importance among the patients.  The person with an allergic reaction to a bee sting will be treated before the broken arm, for example.

As a CrossFitter, it is important that you maintain your own training triage.  There is a lot to focus on in CrossFit and it helps having some order of importance to base your training on.  Say you have been been CrossFitting for a few months and want to do a little extra work after each class.  What to work on?  Use triage.  Let’s look at several possible movements you could focus on.  Back Squat 5×5.  The kipping pullup. Handstand pushups.  Muscle Ups.

Which are the most important of those movements?  I would say the back squats or the kipping pullup, probably the pullup.  The kipping pullup is absolutely integral to CrossFit.  It is far more valuable to master than handstand pushups, for instance.  Next would be the back squats and then I would vote for the muscle up.

Coaches should use the triage method when working with their athletes.  Let’s look at the clean. Say the athlete is starting with the hips too high, pulling with the arms, looking at the ceiling at the top of the pull, and racking the bar with the elbows low. Obviously you are not going to work on everything at once.  The poor athlete’s head will explode. What is the most important problem to fix?  I would go with the early arm pull.  That is a bad and really limiting habit and a very hard one to break.  Next up for me would be the low elbows.  Then the setup position and finally the head position at the top of the pull.  Other coaches might go with the setup position first, but I think that the triage order could change depending on whether you are working on the movement as a skill or in the middle of a metcon.

So, take a tip from the ER, it will refine and streamline your training.

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Front Squat



3 Rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds

5, 3, 1

Squat Clean 70% 1RM

Muscle Up

50m Sprint after each couplet.

Post weight used and time for each round to Comments.