Two Arrows


Vero; the only 'man' standing.

Kirsten; top o' the thruster.

Kirsten; top o' the thruster.

The 9am crew.

The 9am crew.

CrossFit has a saying which most of you are probably familiar with: Mechanical Competency, Consistency, Intensity.  

We are looking for technique first.  Then, we want to be able reproduce that technique across an extended rep scheme.  And then, we want to inject intensity into the movement.  This can be accomplished a fews ways.  Through weight or speed.  Or preferably, and it is here that one senses the genius of CrossFit, both.  Once these criteria have been reached, the fun begins.

In CrossFit, technique, i.e. mechanical competency, can and is never divorced from intensity.  And vice versa.  They are two arrows shot from the same bow at the same target–performance.  They must both fly straight and true, and it is the coach’s duty to insure this.

At CrossFit West, and hopefully every other CF affiliate, we worship at the alter of intensity.  Some even write paeans to it.  But, like two wheels on a cart, the other wheel, technique, must be equally present or the cart will merely turn in circles.  This dualism, quite frankly, is one, if not the maxim that sets us apart from nearly every other strength and conditioning program.

One of CrossFit’s greatest coups is the bringing of this intensity to the everyday fitness adherent.  One of its other greatest coups is the bringing of this focus on technique to the everyday fitness adherent.  By “everyday fitness adherent”, I mean someone who is not a professional or collegiate athlete or international competitor.  Most of us, probably.

But, intensity and technique are brethren in our daily fight for greater performance.  Stripping one from the other either leads to injury or stagnation, if not regression and disillusionment.  If both are omnipresent, one will be unstoppable, a veritable juggernaut of improvement.

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Two quick bits of business:

There have been some requests for a Saturday 8am class.  If you can attend this class and would like to see it scheduled, please post to Comments and talk to Sam, Cliff, or Joc.

A hoodie order is in the works.  The price is not set, but I think we are looking at about $40 for regular and $50 for a zip-up.  Please let me know what images you would like on the back, the heart or the tachometer (the Full Throttle mural above the stove).  The old school ones with the CrossFit West Santa Cruz lettering on the front only are also available.  The hoodie color, of course, is black like Kyle’s evil heart.  Please post to Comments.

Thanks folks.


6 Rounds

30 Squats

10 Pullups C2B

5 Clean and Jerk 155/103#

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