Two Down, Three To Go!

Iris; lifting for two.

Well, the second week of the 2012 CrossFit Open has come to a close. Once again the effort put forth during this week’s workout was just as awesome as the previous week. Snatches, snatches, snatches and more snatches was the theme for this AMRAP. Our top place male finisher goes to Crossfit West’s very own “misfit”  Golden Brown with an impressive seventy-four reps and our top place female finisher goes to Andrea Horowit, the super woman, with ninety total reps.  I’m guessing Andrea’s recent change in hair color in order to match her favorite coach’s had something to do with her spectacular performance.

For the second week in a row Emmett Ziegler has stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park. He fought all the way through rep number fifty-six in the workout. That means he hit twenty-six snatches at 135lb which also just happens to be his own body weight. No big deal. Your a beast Emmett! Equally as impressive was getting to watch some people who decided this workout would not only be a good time to set a new PR in the snatch but also decided to rep out their new one rep max for multiple reps. Leah Lutz worked all the way up to the 100lbs. Prior to this workout, 100lbs was more than she had ever lifted in the snatch. By the end of the workout she saw her new PR go over head five times!! Next was John Golino. Previously his one rep max was 125lb. After today’s workout he was able to get 135lb up over head for five solid reps. Another impressive performance was shown by Steve Alberi. Going into today’s workout his one rep max in the snatch was 130lb. After today he can be proud to say he pr’d at 135lb and then repped it out thirteen more times!! Last but but not least was our sweet little Morgan Hunt. Previously she had a one rep max of 73lb. After this week she can proudly say she now has a new one rep max of 75lb and if asked nice enough she may show you how she can snatch that weight over head for (drum roll please)……………………… twenty-three times!  Do you guys and gals realize how impressive that is. Next time I’m going for a one rep max attempt, please remind me I should do at least thirty reps, or in Leah’s case sixty reps, to warm up.   (If I left anyone out please post to comments and let us know how awesome you are.)

As a gym, collectively, we are all getting a lot stronger. The programming at CrossFit West is clearly working, but what is working even more seamlessly is the comraderie that you as gym members have brought forth.  The last two weeks have been very special and I am extremely proud to be part of our community. Let’s keep up the hard work and support for each other throughout the next three weeks and beyond.



Weighted Pullups



50 Bar Facing Burpees

30 Ground To Overhead (155/105#)

800m Run