Unwritten Rules

Eric Sanders; every time this guys walks into the box, he goes all out. And it shows. The Paleo Challenge 2.0 frontrunner demos perfect form in the butterfly kip.

Last week there was a big bruha in Major League Baseball because Yankee all-star Alex Rodriguez walked across the pitcher’s mound going back to 1st base from 3rd after a foul ball.  Apparently this is a big time infraction of etiquette and the opposing pitcher was almost comical in his anger.

As James Dean discovered on his very first day of school at Dawson High School in Rebel Without a Cause (anyone?), there are unwritten rules everywhere.  Even in the CrossFit box.

There are  minor rules such as always clean any blood off a barbell or pullup bar, and put away your equipment, but there are a couple big ones that I want to talk about.

Respect people’s cone of concentration.  Never stand in front or near a person about to make a lift.  Nothing throws off a lifter’s concentration more than having someone cross their field of vision as they are about to pull a barbell off the floor.   This is why I am not a big fan of those long strips of wood that run the length of the box that a lot of people can lift on at once.  Who wants to set up for a max lift with someone’s butt right in front of you.

Similarly, never talk to a lifter as they prepare for a lift. Don’t carry on a conversation right near a platform when someone is lifting on it.  Give them some quiet and some space.  There is always that monkey who comes into the box as you are setting your grip, walks right up to you, and goes “snatching?” or “how much weight is that?”.  It makes you want to throttle something, or more accurately, that person.  Respect their cone of concentration.

A person’s time in a CrossFit class is their time.  It is their special time, time just for themselves.  Time when they can leave behind everything and just focus on themselves.  Sure, it is also very social and fun, and feel free to chat, but respect a person’s time and focus.  Refrain from engaging a classmate in conversation about anything overly heavy during class.  Don’t force them to think about anything other than their training.  After class, go for it, catch up, gossip, complain, whatever.

What are other unwritten rules in CrossFit and weightlifting?  Please post to Comments.



20 repetitions for time




AMRAP in 20 minutes

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

Post DL time and Cindy score to Comments.