Upcoming Events

Part of the crew from the Mountain Biking day from last year's Sports Series.

The Boxing seminar from last year's Sports Series.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz is not just a gym. We are a community of friends and family, and friends and family have fun together.  In that vein, we have a whole bunch of upcoming events planned. They range from the upcoming movie night on the 10th, to group workouts for the Open, to the Summer Sports Series (surfing, biking, boxing, hiking, rock climbing, and more), to a trip down to Carson for the 2012 CrossFit Games, to name just a few.

Check it out and get ready. It’s going to be a blast.

What movie do you want to see next Friday at movie night?

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A big Happy Birthday to Austin E.


Front Squat

Find 2RM

Then (courtesy of Billy Bybee):

“Just like Lynne”

The 2 exercises are Muscle Ups and bodyweight Overhead Squats.

The score is total reps over 5 rounds.

You get 30 seconds transition time between exercises and 2 minutes exactly between rounds of exercises.  Basically you’ll go max rep MUs, rest 30sec, then go max rep OHSs, rest 2min and repeat for a total of 5 rounds.  Count reps of each movement each round.