The guest writer for today’s post is CF West trainer Derek DeLong.  Derek is renowned for the variety of movements and programs with which he trains.  Derek is currently doing and seeing great results with the Smolov Squat Program.  Although Derek wrote this post before yesterday’s was published, and thus it is not a critique, his post dovetails perfectly with yesterday’s.

Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.  Sounds about right?  Or does it? How “varied” is your CrossFit experience? Really think about it. I will admit that my peers and I tend to favor a core handful of movements we believe to produce the most power.  If you have trained with us, I guarantee I don’t need to list them.  Does that mean we should routinely ignore the rest of them? Absolutely not.  If you have an impressive “Helen” time after 20 or even weekly attempts (which I’ve actually seen), and can count the amount of times you’ve practiced the split jerk on one hand, then my friend, you are doing this terribly wrong. 

Everyone has their own favorite aspect of CrossFit.  The sheer density and depth of our program is hard to even explain, let alone truly follow the “specializing in not specializing” mantra.  In my opinion, the most amazing and fun feature of this program is the never ending development of athleticism.  Deadlift is looking good?  Awesome.  How about your L-sit on the rings?  Back lever?  50+ double unders yet?  Ever try a split snatch?  Gymnastics kip?  Odd object lifting?  How far can you walk on your hands?  Max tornado kick? (if you need coaching for this one, please contact Golden).  Hell, grab one your friends or a niece and do a Turkish Get Up with them (please don’t drop them and blame it on me).  The list goes on and on and on and that’s good, its fun!  Mix it up.  Do Fran with uneven dumbbells and clapping pull ups, or in reverse.  Hit some sumo deadlifts, put body weight over your head and see how far you can walk with it, have a foot race with your buddy, challenge Sam to a kickboxing match. Whatever.  Have some fun and kick some constantly varied ass.

Thoughts?  Please post ’em to Comments.


10 Rounds

1 Overhead Squat bw

1 Rope Climb no legs

Post WOD and score to Comments.