They say that variety is the spice of life. When it comes to coaching CrossFit, it is certainly true. Over one hundred people walked through our doors today, and I got to work with almost half of them. The oldest was in her mid-sixties and the youngest was 13 or 14. They ranged from competitive athletes in several sports to regular CrossFitters to people out of shape and just trying CrossFit on and seeing how it fit. Did I like working with one group more than another? Not at all. Would I get tired of just working with one group? Yes, definitely.

You see, when it comes to training people, variety is the spice. Each demographic brings new challenges and new ideas. Each one has different needs and goals that can require different programming, different nuances of movement. The creativity and imagination this allows a trainer is great. Not to mention how fun it all is. Makes me feel pretty lucky.

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Hang Squat Snatch

Find new 1RM


3 Rounds

12 Deadlifts

9 Front Squats

6 Cleans

3 Thrusters

1 Muscle Up and 1 High Box Jump (42/34″) between each movement.

Guys use 135#, dolls use 85#.

The moment of might. Give it a try.