Vero’s CrossFit Total

Got midline stability? The mighty Melissa "walks" the turf.

CrossFit WSC recently did the CrossFit Total. Both Leah and Andrea tied for first place with a total of 638#. This also tied them for first on the CF West record boards, bumping former #1 Vero, who did not make it to the gym on the CF Total day, to 2nd place. However, Vero charged the Total the next day, setting a new PR of 640# and taking back the first place spot. Here is her description of it taken from an email she wrote to Leah that night.

Hi Leah,

Hope all is well.

I saw that Andrea and you “smashed” my CF total score yesterday ( that was the
word that Andrea used this morning when I came into the gym).

So I had to do CF total today.

When I was able to hit my PR with the BS (which is only 230…) I knew I was
into the game and I told Andrea: “I’m going after your score…”
Tried 100# with the press but couldn’t get it and got 95.
Which meant for the DL I had to do my PR at 315 to beat you guys…

And …I did.

I did a little dance after that to Andrea’s face 😉

Anyway I have to celebrate a 2 pounds victory as you guys will win the overall battle pretty soon.
Fun, fun, fun.


Congratulations Vero. You never fail to amaze us.

Your moment of coming back from adversity. Watch this video (warning, the first part is a little gnarly)!


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